What We’re All About

Real ingredients. Real ridiculous flavor combinations. Fresh cookie batches delivered right to your door or ready for pickup on select baking days. 

You'll only see products available to order when we have a batch in the works. When the cookie links go live, shop FAST because once the batch is gone, it's gone. Our flavors rotate constantly. 

SHIPPING: Order 10 or 20 (exactly) cookies per shipped order. If you would like to order more than that (yay!) please place separate orders for shipping purposes. We want to make sure your cookies are packaged correctly so they arrive safely at your door. Our packages are shipped via USPS Priority mail in approximately 3-5 days. Watch your tracking for updates. 

PICK UP: Watch social media and the ordering links for the pick up day/time/location. 

Real Good Cookies are made in a commercial kitchen in Grand Forks, North Dakota and ship nationwide! We use sugar and flour that's grown and produced right in our backyard and shop locally whenever we can for all other ingredients. We know it makes a difference to our neighbors and we think it tastes better too. 

BE SURE to follow us on social media to find out when the cookie links go live!  


"this is a real (pause) good (pause) cookie."

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